People, Place and Environment

People walking in the mountains

Our research explores the ways in which people interact with, and are shaped by, the places in which they live and work. We undertake collaborative, multidisciplinary research spanning the fields of archaeology, environmental science, the built environment and art installation. This work incorporates architecture, urban cityscapes, law and the prison system, site-specific art and performance, and the history of place.

Major areas of research strength include migration (both historic and contemporary) and the Asia-Pacific region, where we are noted for our ground-breaking work on Korea, Taiwan and the South China Sea. This research is leading to new insights into how communities and organisations can thrive within their societies.

Areas of Research Strength


Applied Public Health

Research in applied public health at UCLan spans elements of health protection and health promotion, including nutritional science and food safety and healthy settings

To find out more please contact Professor Nicola LoweProfessor Carol Wallace or Professor Mark Dooris

asia pacific

Asia Pacific

 Asia Pacific researchers study the history, culture and politics of the Asia Pacific region, with significant strengths in Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia and Japan.  To find out more please contact Dr Niki J.P. Alsford.

International Institute of Korean Studies
Research Spaces - Area Studies
Research Spaces - Modern Languages & Linguistics

field archaeology


Research in this area has a firm emphasis on scientific analysis and encompasses work on Archaeology, Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Genetics. To find out more please contact Professor Vicki Cummings.  

history and heritage

History and Heritage

History and Heritage emphasises public engagement and concentrates mainly on modern history since 1780, with research groupings in Labour and People’s History and in International History as well as some unique specialisms, such as The Vladimir Vysotsky Centre for Russian Studies and  iSLanDS, the International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies, a unique hub for the study of sign languages and deaf studies. To find out more please contact Dr Robert Poole.

comtemporary art

Migration, Diaspora and the Black Atlantic

Migration, Diaspora and the Black Atlantic brings together researchers from area studies, languages, literature, history and art who study the history and present-day impact of mass migration on culture and society across the world.  Includes academics working in our Making Histories Visible Centre and the Institute of Black Atlantic Research. To find out more please contact Dr Lara Momesso.


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