Graduate Research at UCLan

UCLan’s postgraduate research students (PGRs) each have their own team of supervisors to support them through their research programme. Each School also has one or more Research Degrees Tutors who can provide help and support for research students as well as monitoring students’ progress with their research.


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There are two specialist services which assist students with other aspects of their programmes and research student life.

The research support infrastructure has been developed with two distinctive and complementary offices (located in Greenbank and Harris Buildings):

Research Student Registry located in Foster Building, Room FB058 (Foster Hub)

This Research Student Registry (RSR) provides a wide range of support and advice for postgraduate research students for all stages of a student’s research degree programme: from admission through to the final award. Enrolment and progression records are managed by the office. Submission of the thesis for final examination takes place in the RSR.

For more information, please contact Fiona Mair, Principal Officer – Research Degrees

Telephone: 01772 895083 or email:

The RSR also represent the interests of the graduate research constituency within the University.

Research Development & Support Team

The Research Development & Support Team (RDS) is responsible for the research student training including the induction programme and research student conferences. The RDS team also administer and support the University’s Ethical Approval systems.

  • We offer research skills training that is benchmarked as good practice, and has received the HR Excellence in Research award (see Training). Packages are available whether the student is full-time, part-time or off-campus.
  • We produce research communiques including BreakThrough – the University’s Research and Knowledge Transfer Journal

We manage the Times Higher Nominated Excellence in ICT e-Ethics system for the processing of all your research ethical issues.

For more information, please contact Jenny Gavell, Research Training Coordinator, 01772 895090 or email

UCLan’s research support infrastructure offices are staffed from 8:45 to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday, 8:45 to 4pm Friday.

Research Student Registry - Foster Building, Room FB058 (Foster Hub)

Admissions queries email:

Queries from current students email:

Fiona Mair Principal Officer +44 (0)1772 895083
Clare Altham Key Contact (Science & Technology, Clinical & Biomedical Sciences) +44 (0)1772 893744
Margaret Fisher Key Contact (Lancashire School of Business & Enterprise, Culture & Creative Industries, CELT) +44 (0)1772 892708
Clare Wiggans Key Contact (Sport & Wellbeing) +44 (0)1772 894647
Barbara Richardson Admissions +44 (0)1772 894284
Lou Kenny Admissions +44 (0)1772 896392
Claire Barker Exams and Awards +44 (0)1772 894285
Khalil Patel Admission, Exams and Awards +44 (0)1772 895082
Kirsty Edgerton Admission, Exams and Awards +44 (0)1772 894287

Graduate Research 

Andrea Ferguson Head of Graduate Research +44 (0)1772 894326
Jenny Gavell Ethics, Staff/Student Training and support to Head of School +44 (0)1772 895090

Researcher Development Unit

Carol Walton Researcher Development Lead +44 (0)1772 895447
Trudi Emmens Research Training Coordinator +44 (0)1772 893486