How much will it cost?

You need to check carefully how much your programme will cost you and ensure you have the funds for the full duration of your programme. These are the costs which you should consider carefully:

Fees for Tuition

  • Standard Tuition Fees
  • Bench Fees
  • Mandatory additional fee for off-campus study

Costs associated with your research programme:

  • Attendance at Research Conferences and other symposia 
  • Books
  • Equipment eg. a laptop for personal use
  • Travel to any fieldwork
  • Subscriptions for membership of Professional organisations


You will need to pay all tuition fees, including any bench fee element and/or additional fee for off-campus study for each academic year at the starting point of your research degree and at the start of each subsequent academic year. Fees payable will depend on your residency classification.

Standard Tuition Fees

Home / EU Research Degrees Programme Fees

View Home/EU Research Degree fees for students

International Tuition Fees

View international tuition fees for students.

Bench Fees

Bench fees are charged for the following:

a. Laboratory or specialist consumables;
b. Specialist technical support which is not available within the University;
c. Specialist off-site testing of samples or processing of data which cannot be done at the University;
d. Travel to other laboratories or field sites, which is essential to complete the project.

Bench fees will be applied at one of the following band levels for full time students (pro rata for part time students):


Band Fee
Band 1 £0
Band 2 £750
Band 3 £1500
Band 4 £2250
Band 5 £3000
Band 6 £5000
Band 7 £8000
Band 8 £10000


Mandatory Additional Tuition Fee For Off-Campus Study

Where the University agrees that an applicant meets the criteria to undertake a research degree programme independently (i.e. not through a formal agreement between a collaborating institution and the University) and reside abroad there will be an additional mandatory tuition fee. This will be agreed during the admissions process.


Full-time students who enter a lapse year pay a different rate. This is often referred to as a ‘writing-up’ fee. The fee rate depends on your residency classification.

The fee for the year is payable in two halves. If you submit your thesis in the first half of your final year you will not have to pay fees for the second part of the year.

Full-time Final Year Fees
Final year fee
First 6 months
Final year fee
Second 6 months
Home/EU Students £600 £1,200
International Students £2,000 £3,300


When do research students stop paying tuition fees?

Once you have submitted your thesis you will not be liable for more tuition fees in subsequent charging periods eg the next academic year, even if the outcome of the examination requires you to revise your thesis further.


You are responsible for the payment of all fees. You may be able to make an arrangement at enrolment to pay your tuition fees by instalments after an initial payment.

If your fees are to be paid by a sponsoring organisation documentary proof of sponsorship will be required. You should also be aware that sponsors do not often pay fees for the final year of study and also that if you sponsoring organisation defaults on the payment you will become liable for your fees.

Please refer to the Tuition Fee Policy.

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