Nuclear Research

Nuclear research at UCLan is focused on the issues surrounding nuclear safety and nuclear security at nuclear installations as well as processes for dealing with nuclear materials.

Nuclear Research


Nuclear science is about the structure of an atom and its application to things such as electricity. It is therefore vital to our everyday lives to have an understanding of this subject. The 20th century has seen nuclear science discoveries lead to established techniques for cancer treatment, food safety, medical and industrial uses of radiography and electrical power generation.

UCLan Nuclear has been established as the University’s new centre for nuclear studies, with sites on both the Preston and Westlakes campuses – the latter just 15 minutes away from Sellafield. UCLan has a long relationship with the nuclear industry in the North West, in terms of both skills development and research, with the research being directed mainly towards finding safer processes for dealing with nuclear materials.

Recent research on topics relating to nuclear safety and nuclear security, including the safety of advanced design modular reactors, has been added to existing research on microbiology and the development of barrier materials, electrochemistry, fluidics and fire dynamics.

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In 2007, UCLan Nuclear brought UCLan’s various nuclear-related research under one roof.

The purpose of UCLan Nuclear is to develop work in the areas of nuclear science, technology and engineering, with an emphasis on nuclear safety. It works closely with other research centres at UCLan, including Applied Digital Signal and Image Processing and the Jost Institute for Tribotechnology.

In 2010, UCLan strengthened its nuclear research capabilities with the recruitment of Professor Laurence Williams FREng, to lead in the fields of nuclear safety and nuclear security and Professor Harry Eccles to lead in the field of nuclear materials.

Colleagues regularly advise national and international bodies, including the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society and the International Atomic Energy Authority.

UCLan Nuclear leads the UK input to the European Nuclear Education Network III and is actively engaged in research projects funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Nuclear.

Visit the Nuclear Advanced Waste Treatment project website.

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