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Language, Linguistics, Culture and Society

Research activities within the Language, Linguistics, Culture and Society Team (LLCT) range from sign language to sociolinguistics. The Team is working internationally to develop our understanding of the structure of spoken and signed languages, and the language used within cultural, social, political, institutional and forensic contexts.

Language, Linguistics, Culture and Society - students signing


The LLCT team offer an MA by Research in English Language and Linguistics. If you have a passion for the subject area and know what you want to study, the MRes at UCLan is for you.

One of UCLan’s strongest areas of research, the LLCT Team consists of international and world-leading researchers working in the areas of:

  • Sign language linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Pragmatics – contemporary and historical
  • Discourse analysis – with a special focus on forensic and political contexts
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Philosophy and critical theory
  • Sociolinguistics
  • English and Germanic linguistics

You will be joining a team with an established research culture and will be able to work alongside internationally-recognised scholars and researchers who are experts in their fields. We promote postgraduate participation and provide a stimulating research environment which encourages student-led learning and the independence to complete a project in depth.

You will have the opportunity to utilise the expertise of our established institute in Emotions, Credibility and Deception and will also benefit from our research seminars and symposia, which have featured distinguished visitors such as famous novelist Caryl Phillips and Broadway star Judy Blazer. Furthermore, our flexible programme allows you to study full-time or part-time with individually tailored supervision and evening sessions.

Visit the Emotions, Credibility and Deception research group to find out more about our MA by Research provision.


Current impact activities include an investigation of:

  • The role between ‘community’ and ‘time’ in philosophy (as part of Connected Communities)
  • Language, emotions, credibility and deception
  • Endangered sign languages in village communities

The Connected Communities projects being undertaken by the team focus on the role time plays in communities, community politics and the development and critique of dominant ideologies. The aim is to work with communities to raise awareness of how time and ideas about time can affect patterns of inclusion and exclusion. Case studies include a community arts centre and a special needs school.

As part of their work on language, emotions, credibility and deception (ECD), the LLCT is developing specialised corpora and text analysis tools/techniques via which to interrogate such data. This enables the detailed study of issues such as verbal aggression and impoliteness - including internet trolling. The ECD team is also collaborating with UK police negotiators in the linguistic investigation of crisis negotiation.

The International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies has been heading an international consortium under the European Science Foundation’s EUROCORES programme. Their study focuses on the endangered sign languages in small-scale rural communities with high incidence of hereditary deafness. Our collaboration with UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger now ensures that sign languages will be put ‘on the map’ of language endangerment for the first time.

To find out more about LLCT-based research, contact Dr. Paul Elmer

Tel: +44 (0)1772 894731


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