Finance, Accounting & Banking

Finance, Accounting & Banking research adopts an interdisciplinary approach to research and explores contemporary and challenging questions from multiple paradigms broadly categorised into four overlapping themes.

Accounting, Economics and Finance


  • Accounting explores the philosophical, theoretical, ethical and the regulatory framework on which the importance of the management and accounting practices of firms in promoting sustainable development might be understood. In addition, a number of members in this unit are involved in research on earnings management, auditing, taxation, the costs and benefits of computerised accounting systems, including experience and employability skills for graduates.


  • Finance and banking advances research and engagement activity on corporate and development finance, credit scoring, bank ratings, corporate governance, digital  banking, risk management, capital asset pricing and the performance of financial institutions, including conventional banks, Islamic banks and microfinance organisations. Furthermore, many researchers in this group work on various aspects of financial market efficiency, including herding behaviour as well how the complex interrelationship between financial markets and the many dimensions of institutional governance affects the wellbeing of the relevant stakeholders. Uniquely, other researchers in this group use Artificial Intelligence (AI) modelling techniques and methodologies into finance, accounting and banking research; areas such as FinTech and Big Data Analytics are of great interests’.

To find out more about the research undertaken within Finance, Accounting & Banking, please contact the Theme Lead Dr Zakaria Ali-aribi