UCLan Research Centre for Smart Materials

smart materials

The UCLan Research Centre for Smart Materials is a cross-disciplinary network focusing on innovative and meaningful applications of smart materials* such as graphene, nanocomposites, films, fibres, biomaterials, alloys, and gels.  

The network consists of engineers, designers and economists as well as material and social scientists assembled from four UCLan faculties:

The application of our research and these materials will address the major challenges for society in key areas of energy, environment, waste management, mobility and healthcare.

Our thematic interdisciplinary approach provides a vibrant and active research environment that has attracted a variety of external organisations, industry and other academic institutions to collaborate and accrue the benefits from our research activities.

To find out more please contact Centre Director Professor Harry Eccles or Centre Deputy Director Professor Adrian Friend.

* Smart Materials, are materials that respond in a positive manner to their environment and changes to their environment.

Smart Materials

Smart Materials