Walsall Arts for Health Partnership - Evaluation

This research project was commissioned by Walsall Arts into Health Partnership at a time of imminent organisational change within the NHS, with the following remit:

  • To review the effectiveness of the partnership between the Community Arts Team of the Local Authority and the Health Authority, which has produced and supported the Arts into Health Initiative.
  • To talk to partners, key players, theme leaders, HAZ steering groups and key council officers to assess the impact the work has had on their work streams.
  • To assess the impact the Arts and Health work has had on health strategies and to judge how the work may impact on the Health of the Borough of Walsall in the future.
  • To agree recommendations for the future development of the partnership with partners and produce a report for wider circulation to an audience of decision makers.
  • The review and evaluation utilised a combination of documentary analysis, semi-structured interviews and focus groups.

Lead Investigator

Mark Dooris

Project Staff

Linda Ratinckx

Funding Organisation

Walsall MBC, £5000

Public Outputs

Dooris, M. (2005) A qualitative review of Walsall Arts into Health Partnership. Health Education 105 (5): 355-373.
Paper at Global Arts and Health Conference, Sydney, 2003