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Temperance and the Working Class

This project seeks to establish the importance of the heritage of the temperance movement, making use of and publicising UCLan’s internationally significant Livesey Collection of temperance material.


  • ‘The One Show’ (BBC 1) (06.12.11) - interview on Temperance History
  • BBC Radio Lancashire talk programmes on 5 occasions
  • BBC Radio Manchester 3 hour breakfast programme (Alan Beswick) (30.06.12) was themed around the exhibitions and project
  • BBC TV North West regional news (1pm, 6.30 pm and 10.30 pm) (13.07.12)
  • BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ – interview with Jenni Murray (06.07.12)
  • BBC Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’ – discussion on Temperance and Dry Bars (29.10.12)
  • BBC TV ‘Flog It’ and ‘Antiques Road Trip’ filmed, to be shown 2013/14
  • Work with ‘new temperance’ community groups

Project Lead

Dr Annemarie McAllister


People’s History Museum; St George’s Centre, Preston

Preston Guild, 2012

Englesea Brook Museum of Methodist History


Heritage Lottery Fund, £50,000 for the 2012-13 ‘Demon Drink: Temperance and the Working Class’ Project



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Twitter- @demon_drink

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Public Outputs

  • Band of Hope journals project (with undergraduate students)
  • Exhibition at People’s History Museum, Manchester, June 30 2012- February 24 2013 (over 30,000 visitors)
  • St George’s Shopping Centre, Preston (taking history to the shopping public), August 24 – Sept. 8 2012
  • Virtual exhibition at – still live
  • 2012 ‘Rational recreation and leisure for children: the Band of Hope in the twentieth century’ in Leisure Studies Association volume No. 118: Recording Leisure Lives: Everyday Leisure in 20th Century Britain (Brighton: LSA)
  • 2011 ‘The Band of Hope in the North West’ in Manchester Region History Review, 21 (Lancaster: Carnegie Publishing), 1-18..
  • 2012 ‘On the Temperance Movement’ in Britain Representation and Nineteenth Century History (online)
  • Special edition of Taylor & Francis international journal Visual Resources (December, 2012) themed on The Pleasures and Problems of Drink, and containing
  • 2012 (with James Nicholls) ’Introduction’ in Visual Resources, December 2012 (Vol. 28, No. 4), 283-289. (Also editor of this Special Edition on ‘Representing the Pleasures and Problems of Drink’)
  • ‘2012 ‘Picturing the Demon Drink: How Children were Shown Temperance Principles in the Band of Hope’ in Visual Resources, December 2012 (Vol. 28, No. 4), 309-323, and ‘Public Engagement with Visual Historical Resources; the 2012 “Temperance and the Working Class” Project’ in Visual Resources, December 2012 (Vol. 28, No. 4), 376-383.
  • 2013 (in press) ‘“To assist in the pictorial teaching of Temperance”: the use of the Magic Lantern in the Band of Hope’ in Screen Culture and the Social Question 1880-1914 eds R. Crangle and L. Vogl-Beinek (Bloomington, IA: Indiana University Press) ISBN: 9780-86196-709-4
  • 2013/14 (in press) ‘Onward: a case study in how a regional magazine used material strategies to succeed in the market’ in Religion and the Book eds..J. Hinks and L. Peters (British Library)
  • 2013/14 (in preparation) Demon Drink? Temperance and the Working Class Kindle book