Stonehenge Riverside Project

David W. Robinson with lead investigators Mike Parker Pearson, Josh Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas, Chris Tilley and Kate Welham plus Mike Allen, Wayne Bennett, David Field, Charly French, Neil Linford, Andy Payne, and Clive Ruggles.

This project investigates the monumental landscape of the Stonehenge area. In collaboration with Joshua Pollard (Bristol), our part of the project has re-investigated Woodhenge and its associated monumental complex overlooking Durrington Walls and the river Avon. While doing the ‘archaeology of archaeology’ in re-opening Maud Cunnington’s early 20th century excavations, we confirmed a complex stone phase within the monument itself as well as new monuments to the south of the famous henge. On going research will continue to investigate the Stonehenge environs and the process in which monuments enculturated the landscape through targeted excavation.


Pollard, J. & Robinson, DW. 2007. A return to Woodhenge: the results and implications of the 2006 excavations. In M. Larsson & M. Parker Pearson (eds), From Stonehenge to the Baltic: living with cultural diversity in the third millennium BC. Oxford: BAR.