Shared Priorities Project Self Assessment Tool - Evaluation

The remit of this project was to undertake a rapid evaluation of Shared Priorities Project (Promoting Healthier Communities and Narrowing Health Inequalities) self-assessment tool. This tool was developed by the Health Development Agency and Local Government Association for use by the 12 local authorities involved in the Shared Priorities Project work, with the aim of supporting them to carry out a rapid appraisal of the health problems in their area and analyse gaps in their capacity to tackle these. Using interviews and site visits, the objectives of the project were to:

  • describe the different ways in which the self assessment tool has been used by the lead authorities in the learning and development process aimed at tackling health improvement and inequalities
    identify those aspects of the tool, and the processes in which it was used, which worked well and those where there were difficulties;
  • collate the views of people who have used the self assessment tool on how it can be improved for use within local authorities; whether and how it would need to be amended for use across sectors within local systems; and what other tools are available to aid the learning and development processes focusing on tackling health inequalities and how the SPP tool can best complement these.
  • make recommendation on how the self assessment tool should be revised to increase its utility to local agencies as they seek to develop effective responses to improve population health and narrow inequalities.

Lead Investigator

Professor Jennie Popay, Lancaster University
Dr Mark Dooris

Project Staff

Sharon Doherty
Linda Ratinckx


Lancaster University

Funding Body

Health Development Agency (via Lancaster University), £12,800

Public Outputs