Rollright Heath

Dr Duncan Sayer (UCLan) Dr Alex Lang (Oxford)

In 2010 archaeologists from UCLan conducted a pilot investigation of an Iron Age Banjo enclosure north of Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. As part of his Doctoral thesis Alex conducted geophysical survey of a banjo shaped enclosure. This was his opportunity to test those results! Three small trenches were located across the site: at ditch termini, within the enclosure and across a small series of linear ditches.

The archaeology was spectacular, a complete sequence of north Oxfordshire/Warwickshire Roman pottery, the burials of four children, and large amounts of animal bones from middle and later Iron Age high status feasting activities. This is an important site, filling in the gaps in our understanding of the sub-Roman midlands and providing important evidence about the abandonment of banjo enclosures and Iron Age – Roman transition. So much so that further excavation is on hold until it can be given proper attention. We hope to re-commence excavation work in 2014/15.

For media coverage see:

Evans, C. (2011) Chipping away at the past. Camping and Caravanning 106/2: 39-40

Aerial view of Rollright Heath