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HARM: Honour Abuse Research Matrix

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HARM is an innovative, multi-disciplinary global network. A live matrix that will allow you to easily share ideas, form collborative partnerships, discuss topics, disseminate literature or news, publish press releases, market your events, offer consultancy services, inform policy and develop new strategies in the fight against honour-based abuse, violence, killings and forced marriage.

HARM welcomes professionals from all disciplines  - including academics, police and other emergency and support services, education, health sector, charities, activists, the legal profession and governmental policy makers.

Please direct membership inquiries to: Dr. Roxanne Khan (Director of HARM).

Research grouping

Criminal Justice Partnership (Violence and Aggression)

Subject Areas

  • Education
  • Evidence Based Policing
  • Families, Children and Life Transitions
  • Forensic Science
  • Health and International Justice
  • Language, Linguistics, Culture and Society
  • Law
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Midwifery and Maternal Child Health
  • Psychology
  • Social Inclusion
  • Social Work and Social Policy

Project Lead

Dr Roxanne Khan

Public Outputs

Free access to a recent HARM publication:

Khan, R., Hall, B. & Lowe, M. (2017, December).  ‘Honour’ abuse: the experience of South Asians who identify as LGBT in North West England. Summary report prepared for Lancashire Constabulary, HARM: Honour Abuse Research Matrix, UCLan, UK.


Network launch: Summer 2018 - see our launch storyboard

Website: going live, late 2018

Website: Launching late 2018