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Forensic Aggression Study

A comparison of nursing staff and patients’ attitudes on the management of violence and aggression in high secure inpatient services: informing MVA training

The one year project aims to identify nursing staff and patients attitudes to the management of violence and aggression. By highlighting present beliefs regarding the management of aggression, the research will be utilised to inform staff training with the objective of developing insight and practical skills in the recognition, prevention and therapeutic management of aggression.

This study will involve the administration of an adapted ‘management of aggression and violence attitude scale’ (MAVAS) to nursing staff and service users/patients within a high secure hospital service. Additionally, semi-structured interviews will be utilised to provide qualitative data building upon the outcomes of the attitude scale data.

The findings from this project will assist with the course development for mandatory MVA (Management of Violence & Aggression) training for first line staff. By raising awareness of differences and similarities in nursing staff and service user attitudes towards the management of aggression, this will allow for challenge of unhelpful practice and promote positive interventions.

Aims and Objectives

The project has four key aims:

  • To pilot an adapted version of the ‘management of aggression & violence attitude scale’ (MAVAS-R), to include the variables of gender and ethnicity.
  • To compare attitudes between nursing staff and service users/patients as a medium for identifying possible convergent views that can impede the development of non-physical interventions, and similarities that can promote positive interventions.
  • To utilise findings within the development of future training in non-physical approaches to the recognition, prevention and therapeutic management of aggression.

Project Lead/Contact

Mr Tony Crumpton – Merseycare NHS Mental Health Trust