Excavations at Bank Hall

Staff and students at UCLan are involved in research at Bank Hall, Bretherton. Bank Hall is a Jacobean house which was enlarged and modified in the 19th century. The house recently featured on the BBC's Restoration programme. This research is possible because of the generosity of the Bank Hall Action Group who have allowed us access to the grounds and to their historical records of the site. It is hoped that our work will help to guide the restoration of the property.

We are particularly concerned with how the house fitted into the designed landscape - the parks and gardens around it - at various dates. To help us understand this process we will be excavating and recording walls, pathways, carriageways and drains at various places in the grounds.

Archaeology students at UCLan work at Bank Hall in the very first week of their degree as part of the Introduction to Archaeology module. This allows us to combine this research with giving our students a chance to learn vital excavation techniques as soon as possible.

Archaeology Research Group