Diffusion: The UCLan Journal of Undergraduate Research


A showcase of outstanding work by UCLan students, Diffusion provides an opportunity for undergraduates to publish their research in a high quality, peer-reviewed journal, edited by a dedicated Team of staff and students at the University of Central Lancashire.

The journal produces two online issues each year, published in June and December. Every Easter the two issues are combined into a single print volume.

When Diffusion was first launched in 2008, undergraduate journals were a relatively new innovation in the U.K., although more common in the U.S.A. Barack Obama, for example, launched his career in 1991 as the first African-American editor president of the Harvard Law Review, a student-led journal founded in 1887.

Where Diffusion breaks new ground is in its diversity, for whilst most undergraduate journals are subject specific, Diffusion is multi-disciplinary, bringing together undergraduate research from across the disciplines: Science, Social Science, Arts, Humanities and Management. It also employs a rigorous process of review, involving staff and students in the selection and editing process, to ensure that only work of the highest standard is included.

We envisage that Diffusion will be useful as a teaching and learning tool as well as a beacon for excellence at UCLan. Diffusion was singled out for praise by the QAA following its audit of the University in 2008. The visiting panel commended the journal for raising the aspirations of students.

We always welcome approaches from anyone who wants to become involved in this project, so if you would like to know more about Diffusion, please get in touch.

Project lead: Stuart Hampton-Reeves
Project staff: Carol Banks



The Journal aims to:

  • Promote undergraduate research / inquiry-based learning at UCLan 
  • Offer material evidence of research carried out by undergraduates at the University 
  • Showcase undergraduate research achievements

In terms of the undergraduate experience, it will provide students with:

  • An opportunity to publish at undergraduate level 
  • An incentive to develop and refine their research 
  • Experience of the publishing process (a valuable stepping stone for students who intend to progress to post-graduate study) 
  • A forum for sharing undergraduate research across the community

Public Outputs

To read more about our ongoing work on Diffusion and other undergraduate research projects, read our paper, 'From undergraduate journals to student intern schemes: valuing undergraduate research in the new university sector', which was presented to the Society for Research in Higher Education annual conference in December 2008.


2007 - present

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Further information

To find out more about Diffusion please visit the website.

Or contact the Centre for Research-informed Teaching on crit@uclan.ac.uk

Articles submitted for publication in Diffusion should be original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is a condition of publication that copyright belongs to the University of Central Lancashire.

Contributors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material before submission and acknowledgements should be clearly identified in full at the end of the article. Where photographs or figures are reproduced, acknowledgment of source and copyright should be given in the caption.