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Determinants of Charitable Giving

Professor Philip B. Whyman and Dr. Alina Ileana Petrescu at conducted research on determinants of charity donations at the Lancashire Business School (LBS).

The project extends work on-going within the current research agenda carried out by the Lancashire Institute of Economic and Business Research (LIEBR) at LBS, which is part of the business and management research cluster.



Project Aim


The project will carry out an analysis of the determinants of charitable donations. The aim is to ascertain which characteristics of charities are likely to be associated with charities collecting a higher volume of charitable donations.

Increasing the extant knowledge of the way charities could be more successful at attracting donations is expected to have wide societal benefits.



Data - survey collection occurred in summer 2012


Using a combination of secondary data (such as from the Charities Aid Foundation), supplemented by primary data, the project will test which charity characteristics are associated with more charitable donations.

Primary data was collected during summer from charities via an online survey.



The Research Team and Project Funding


There were five members in our research team.


  • Research team leader: Professor Philip B. Whyman, Professor of Economics at LBS and director of the LIEBR (UCLan)
  • Research team member: Dr. Mark Baimbridge is Senior Lecturer in Economics at the School of Social and International Studies (University of Bradford)
  • Research team member: Dr. Alina Ileana Petrescu is Research Fellow in Labour Economics at LBS and a member of LIEBR (UCLan)


The research was funded by the Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme (URIS) so we were supported in our research activity by two students:


  • URIS student: Abbey Wardle (UCLan)
  • Visiting student: Benjamin Eveslage (the first visiting student in the URIS scheme, from Oakland University).