Confidence and satisfaction study of victims of crime within BME groups in Lancashire

The project aims to explore reasons for disparity in victims satisfaction rates between white and VME population groups by types of crime by:

  • exploring and identifying any potential differences in satisfaction rates by a) type of crime and b) ethnicity groups (white / VME); and,
  • detailing additional demographic data (in relation to age/disability) and dissatisfaction rates (completed/very/fairly) against areas of satisfaction (whole experience, will be detailed.

Lead Investigator (s)

Professor Joy Duxbury and Jez Buffin

Project Staff

Dr. Gill Thomson
Dr. Brigit Chesworth
Michelle Baybutt


Lancashire Constabulary

Funding Organisation

Lancashire Constabulary and University of Central Lancashire (£25,000 )

Public Outputs

None as yet.


September 2012 – January 2013