Collective Voice North West

As part of a broader agenda to improve mental health services, NHS North West has developed a new collaborative programme that focuses on mental health improvement. This is called the Mental Health Improvement Programme (MHIP) and invites all stakeholders in mental health particularly service users of all ages, carers and those with a non professional interest in mental health to get involved in this exciting new initiative.

From the 1st June 2009 a joint partnership between Rethink and The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has been formed and commissioned to develop this network over a period of 18 months and provide a way to support the governance arrangements for the Mental Health Improvement Programme (MHIP) in the North West. Collective Voice North West is the name chosen by attendees at the first Standing Conference in Liverpool in July 2009 to reflect the partnership working and importance given to representing, hearing and responding to the voice of the ‘collective’ on mental health issues locally.

The Aims of Collective Voice North West

In fostering a regional network to develop service user, carer and public engagement we have four aims:

  • To gain a wider range of views on mental health services in the North West and influence involvement to meet the needs of users and carers
  • To hold a series of conference events in the North West
  • To develop a best practice model of consultation which can be rolled out across the region
  • To facilitate a process of learning across the period, and to respond to the consensus view

Project Lead/Contact

Grainne Cuerden - RETHINK


NHS North West


Further Information