Claiming the Health Dividend in Salford

This research and development project was commissioned by Salford PCT with the following remit of exploring the potential for Salford PCT (in collaboration with other local and regional partners) to develop its contribution to regeneration, sustainable development, health improvement and the reduction of inequalities – by re-orienting its organisational policies and practices, with a specific focus on:

  • local employment and employability
  • local and ethical procurement
  • green travel.

The research and development work comprised four main elements:

  • Documentary research: To gain an overview of developments within the field and identify good practice relating to employment, procurement and travel.
  • Informal interviews with key stakeholders/informers: To scope the local context, raise awareness and begin to identify ideas for action.
  • Discussion groups with stakeholders/informers and participation in relevant seminars and meeting: To facilitate creative thinking and the generation, prioritisation and further development of ideas for action.
  • Action planning: To formulate an action plan relating to ‘tangible’ priority actions – to be presented to the PCT and LSP.

Lead Investigator / Project Staff

Mark Dooris

Funding Organisation

Salford PCT, £20,000




Public Outputs

Dooris, M. (2006) The challenge of developing corporate citizenship for sustainable public health: an exploration of the issues, with reference to the experience of North West England. Critical Public Health 16 (4):331-343.