Bradton Project

A pilot participatory development of online teaching resources, including the creation of the virtual town of Bradton, populated by simulated health and social care service users. These will be based upon real experiences drawn from interviews with participants. The project includes evaluation of the development experience for participants and audience reception with health care students.

Project Lead

Jane Priestley, Division of Rehabilitation Studies, University of Bradford

Project Staff

Carolyn Gibbon
Mick McKeown


Catherine Carus, Bradford University
Michael Hellawell, Bradford University
Bryan Walkden, University of Bradford
Judith Hinton, University of Bradford
Rachael Sharples, University of Bradford
Caroline Plews, University of Bradford


Bradford University TLA Fund

Public Outputs

HEA workshop

Priestley, J., Hellawell, M. & McKeown, M. (2007) Building Bradton. Actual experiences in a virtual world, collaborating with service users and carers to develop a virtual community. HEA Workshops: Service Improvement and Innovation in Health and Social Care - a challenging agenda for Health Educators, University of York, December 3.