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    Pharmacy Practice research group

Health services research in pharmacy practice at UCLan draws upon the research strengths of staff from a variety of research backgrounds. The PPRG is led by Professor Gordon Becket, who has over twenty five years’ experience in pharmacy practice education, and has maintained research interests in both pharmaceutical science and pharmacy practice. His practice research interests include prescribing indicators and professionalism. Professor Becket is supported by Dr Sarah Wilson (Lecturer in Social Pharmacy and Ethics), Dr Julie Prescott (Research Associate), Mrs Katie Greenwood, Mr Samir Vohra & Ms Emma Bremner (Lecturers in Pharmacy Practice). Dr Wilson has research experience relating to ethical issues in health care practice, professionalism, and issues of social justice in healthcare provision. Dr Prescott is a chartered psychologist with over 10 years research experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Samir Vohra has experience in community pharmacy management and research. The academic team share an interest and expertise in the evaluation of community pharmacy health services, including weight control clinics, alcohol services, information prescriptions, minor ailment services and cardiovascular risk screening. The Group is recruiting further PhD students and plans to develop its research in young people’s physical and mental health and medicines, and continue to explore the social and ethical implications of developments in health care. The group will maintain its interests in pharmacy services and education, with particular attention to innovative approaches to professional and moral development, and seek to further influence pharmacy policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally.

This research group contributes to the cross-disciplinary research sub-theme: Evidence for Transforming Healthcare.

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Expertise and subject areas

The Pharmacy Practice Research Group seeks to :

  • Build research capacity in the area of pharmacy practice.
  • Increase the regional, national and international collaboration with the pharmacy profession and academia.
  • Conduct pedagogic research in pharmacy education which will inform the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula and teaching and also have an impact on international pharmacy education.


  • Since its establishment in 2007 the Pharmacy Practice Group has published its research in peer-reviewed international academic journals and presented papers at key international conferences in the areas of social pharmacy, pharmacy practice and pharmacy education.
  • The group has had input into national health and pharmacy consultations.
  • Involvement with other regional HEIs in the development of the professional workforce in North West England.

Publications and Outputs

Professor Gordon Becket, Drs Wilson & Prescott, S Vohra.

Recent publications:

Prescott J., Wilson S. and Becket G. Students want more guidelines on Facebook and online professionalism. Pharmaceutical Journal. (2012) 289 (7717/18), 163. (online 289: 1-3).

Horsburgh S., Norris P., Becket G., Arroll B., Cumming J., Crampton P. and Herbison, P. (2012) The descriptive epidemiology of allopurinol use and adherence for gout in a New Zealand population. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

Vohra S & Gray N. (2012). Exploring pharmacists’ views about the responsible pharmacy role. Pharmaceutical Journal (289) PJ Online.

Wilson S, & Becket G. (2012). Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to explore students’ perceptions of ‘professional’ and ‘unprofessional’ pharmacist identities. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 20 (Suppl.1) 11.

Prescot, J., Wilson S, and Becket G. (2012). Empathy levels in first- and third-year students in health and non-health disciplines. American Journal of Pharmacy Education 76 (2) Article 24.

Prescott J., Wilson S, and Becket G. (2011). Factor analysis of the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy Student Version. Assessment and Development Matters 3 (4), 18-21.

Norris P., Horsburgh S., Keown S., Arroll B., Lovelock K., Cumming J., Herbison P., Crampton P., Becket G. (2011) Too much and too little? Prevalence and extent of antibiotic use in a New Zealand region. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 66 (2) 1921-6.

Horsburgh S., Norris P., Becket G., Crampton P., Arroll B., Cumming J., Herbison P., Sides G. (2011). Medicalisation or under-treatment? : Psychotropic medicines use by elderly people and children in New Zealand. Health Sociology Review 20 (2) 202-218.

Further publications can be found on Professor Becket's staff profile.

Courses and Postgraduate Study

MPharm: Modules PJ1000,1001,2000,2001,3201,4000 & 4001.


Dr Sarah Wilson

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