• Applied Public Health and Epidemiology


Applied Public Health and Epidemiology

Research in the Applied Public Health and Epidemiology research group led by Professor Paola Dey is characterised by methodologically rigorous quantitative epidemiological research in key strategic areas including cancer, stroke, obesity, musculoskeletal health and oral health.

The group work has close functional links with public health professionals, clinicians and policymakers. The group promotes multidisciplinary research and has a strong academic interest in bridging the population and individual clinical perspectives for improving health and wellbeing outcomes.

The group works closely with other schools in the university to support the design and implementation of innovative research projects. Current interests included the investigation of obesity related activity restrictions, strategies to improve cancer awareness, the epidemiology of lower limb problems.

Expertise & Subject Areas

Cancer, stroke and musculoskeletal epidemiology screening.


  • Development of Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network strategy in cancer awareness, early detection and referral
  • Contributed to the development, implementation and evaluation of national frontline staff cancer awareness toolkit

Publications and Outputs

Sutton CJ, Watkins CL, Cook N, Leathley MJ, McAdam J, Dey P.
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Courses and Postgraduate Study

MSc in Applied Public Health


Neil Cook

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