Public Engagement with Research

Public Engagement with Research

UCLan’s public engagement activities strive to inspire positive change by means of bringing academic excellence to life for our various communities and stakeholders – the general public, young people, organisations of all shapes and sizes, existing and potential partners and more.

Our public engagement programme includes the ground-breaking Lancashire Science Festival, which seeks to inspire young people, their families and the wider public to take a keen interest in all aspects of science and encourage more people to consider science and related areas as a career.

UCLan’s Young Scientist Centre (YSC) is the result of a partnership with the Royal Institution (RI), and is a state-of-the-art laboratory, through which we deliver interactive workshops, allowing a wide spectrum of young people to explore science creatively.

 We also conduct a wide range of collaborative research with businesses, public sector and other organisations, to tackle some of the global challenges facing the modern world.

We delivered an exhibition entitled ‘Exploring Light and Dark’ in collaboration with the Beacon Museum in Cumbria during June and July 2016 where visitors were able to find out about our research into our dynamic Sun, the lifecycle of stars and a whole galaxy of interesting concepts and ideas.

A vibrant and creative programme of public engagement

  • The Lancashire Science Festival was back with a bang for 2014. This year's theme was Power Up and was three day celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
  • The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Royal Institution (RI) Young Scientist Centre (YSC) is a partnership between the two institutions. The centre will be a state-of-the-art lab used to deliver interactive workshops, allowing young people to creatively explore science.

Collaborative research with business, industry and the public sector

  • Over the past decade, UCLan has developed a research culture based on quality and excellence and is now an internationally recognised research institution. With 11 research areas judged as ‘world leading’ in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise, UCLan works with businesses, industry and the public sector to tackle some of the global challenges facing the modern world.