YouCount Youth Citizen Social Science

Exploring opportunities and facilitators for social inclusion of youth across Europe

YouCount is a 3-year Youth Citizen Social Science project. Funded by EU Horizon 2020, it was formed to co-create new knowledge and innovations to address how to increase social inclusion for young people.

What is YouCount?

YouCount aims to address a pressing challenge for Europe: How to increase social inclusion for young people. It examines youth’s perspectives on three aspects of social inclusion – participation, belonging and citizenship. The project has two major strands of inquiry:

  • Generating knowledge about social inclusion and how to create social change through the involvement of young citizen scientists
  • Contributing to the scientific knowledge base for Y-CSS for scaling up.

In line with the EU Youth Strategy and official EU definitions, the project includes young people from a wide age range – 13 to 29 years old and focuses on those youths most at risk of marginalisation in terms of poverty, migration, disability, low education, unemployment, and disenfranchisement.

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