Violence and Aggression

The Violence and Aggression strand of the Criminal Justice Partnership are a multi-disciplinary team with current and evolving strengths to fit with the regional, national and international agendas around the management and reduction of violence and aggression, and the impact it has on individuals, communities and organisations.


At a time of efficacy and cost-effectiveness, it is important to have evidence-based research on what works. The Group has cross-disciplinary expertise to provide that evidence base by using academic literature and statistical expertise to guide prospective initiatives and evaluate existing ones.

The Violence and Aggression Group provides access to a real-world understanding of the issues surrounding violence and aggression in society, with many of the group members being active practitioners. This understanding is structured around a social-ecological model encompassing the macrosystem (e.g., societal values and beliefs), exosystem (e.g., industry and social services), microsystem (e.g., family and peers), and the individual (e.g., age and mental health).

There are four other research groups under the Criminal Justice Partnership theme.

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