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Temperance Heritage

Preston was the birthplace of the teetotal temperance movement, founded by Joseph Livesey in 1832. UCLan’s Special Collections include the international significant Livesey Collection of temperance history material.  This ongoing series of projects led by Dr Annemarie McAllister explores the heritage of the temperance movement, including the lives, work, and beliefs of those involved.

Early 1900s Band of Hope Certificate
Early 1900s Band of Hope Certificate

Project Lead

Dr Annemarie McAllister



Research Society of Victorian Periodicals, 2019-20 Curran Fellowship

Alcohol Concern UK (formerly Alcohol Research UK)

Alcohol and Drugs History Society

  • Livesey Collection
  • JSTOR Open Community Collections
  • Demon Drink? Temperance and the Working Class Virtual exhibition – established with Heritage Lottery funding and ongoing since 2012
  • Demon Drink? Temperance and the Working Class Kindle book (2014), available via Amazon
  • Radical Temperance: social change and drink, from teetotalism to Dry January international conference at UCLan, June, 2018
  • ‘Radical Temperance’ of Social History of Alcohol and Drugs, 33 (2) Fall, 2019
  • Annemarie McAllister, ‘Temperance battle songs: the musical war against alcohol,’ Popular Music 35 (2) 2016: 191-206
  • Annemarie McAllister, ‘Onward: How a Regional Temperance Magazine for Children Survived and Flourished in the Victorian Marketplace,’ Victorian Periodicals Review 48 (1) 2015: 42-66.
  • ‘Temperance and Literature,’ in The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Victorian Literature eds. D. Felluga, P. Gilbert and L. Hughes (New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)
  • ‘Temperance Periodicals’ chapter 25 in Routledge Handbook to Nineteenth-Century British Periodicals and Newspapers eds. A. King, A. Easley and J. Morton (London: Routledge, 2016) 342-35.
  • ‘The Alternative World of the Proud Non-Drinker: Nineteenth-Century Public Displays of Temperance,’ Social History of Alcohol and Drugs 28/2 (Summer 2014, published 2016): 161-179.
  • Twitter: @demon_drink

Twitter: @demon_drink