Stroke Information for South Asian Minority Groups

This project will provide high-quality, accessible information to a population which has a high risk of stroke, but has limited awareness of stroke risks, signs, and symptoms.

People of South Asian origin have a poor awareness and understanding of stroke and what to do if a stroke occurs, despite being at a higher risk of stroke than the general population. A pilot study was conducted with South Asian groups in Blackburn to explore the impact of a stroke information DVD produced in Hindi for such communities.

The results suggested a significant increase in stroke knowledge immediately after viewing the DVD and that this information was retained at a one-month follow-up. Positive health behaviour changes were also reported.

A second study conducted in partnership with Blackburn Healthy Living, explored methods of dissemination and concluded that it was feasible to disseminate this DVD by various methods which included community groups, health promotion events, educational institutions, local news media and faith-based organisations.

Study aims

The aim of this project is to estimate the impact of the recent local Stroke awareness campaign and prior campaigns. In addition, to add to the data on the effectiveness of the DVD in different populations.

This will be achieved by forming links with local community-based organisations and recruiting participants through these groups.

Finding so far

The DVD has been assessed with South Asian Participants by Dr Foster Intelligence, on behalf of the NW Strategic Health Authority, and has been judged to be a credible and useful resource to disseminate stroke information to South Asian groups.

The DVD has been rated as very good and excellent by members of a range of South Asian communities across Lancashire. The DVD has been tested for effectiveness of knowledge transfer using a randomised controlled trial design and found to increase knowledge and the short and medium-term. Data collection is on-going to enable estimates of the penetration of the DVD into the South Asian communities of Lancashire.

Further Information

For more information about this project, please contact Mal Auton.