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Understanding that children and young people are experts of their own lives, we work with them to tell stories of resilience and transformation that might not otherwise be heard

This project has been instigated in response to an idea put forward by a group of young people, involved in UCan (the young researchers group working with The Centre for Children’s and young People’s Participation at The University of Central Lancashire). They wanted to create opportunities to utilise participatory research as a means to share other children’s and young people’s stories of resilience and transformation within the wider community. This project aims to harness the power of the interactivity and connectivity of sharing children’s and young people’s stories of resilience.

The project was instigated to respond to aims set by a group of young people associated with Barnardo’s ‘Include me 2’ project, who wished to create further opportunities for participatory research and storytelling, building on work they had previously carried out with UCLan.


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