REWARD: Performance-based Innovation Rewards

REWARD opened up new horizons in complementing the international intellectual property rights (IPR) system. The project's ambitious output is an ethically and legally sound performance-based reward tool for pharmaceutical innovation, which complements the existing patent regime, yet mitigates its considerable disadvantages for the global poor.


Many international research groups are working on IPR reform plans based on performance-based rewards (PBR) for pharmaceutical innovation. However, their efforts are disparate and lacking a guiding vision. REWARD used world-class ethics research as the steering force to determine which PBR tools for pharmaceutical innovation are the most promising. In an interdisciplinary collaboration of ethicists, lawyers, economists and statisticians, with experts in medicine, science and technology policy and gender studies the selected tool was tested in a high income and a lower income country (UK and India).

Project members

  • Professor Thomas Pogge
  • Professor Doris Schroeder
  • Dr Miltos Ladikas
  • Dr Amitava Banerjee
  • Dr Chris Sutton
  • Dr Mohammed El Said
  • Julie Cook
  • Jane Burnell
  • Barry Guihen
  1. Further information

To find out more about this project, contact Professor Doris Schroeder.

Expertise and subject areas

Health and International Justice

Centre of Professional Ethics


Collaborators and Partners

Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), India

University of Calgary with Prof. Aidan Hollis


ERC European Research Council, 1,922,338 Euros


2014 - 2019