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Within the Faculty of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, Neurosciences encompasses a broad range of research from the molecular (e.g. aptamer research) to clinical (e.g. research into concussion from sports).

Our goal is to be internationally recognised in 3 areas (neuro-oncology, dementia and neurodegeneration and molecular psychiatry). We have a bench to bedside approach capitalising on our quite unique staff profile ranging from basic biomedical scientists through pharmaceutics to clinicians in our Medical and Dental Schools. We also focus on collaborations with our local charities and hospitals and this is exemplified by Brain Tumour North West, a network of researchers and clinicians from across the region, with local charity funding.

Through Brain Tumour North West we have a significant local impact in our neuro-oncology research and we are funded by local charities such as Sidney Driscoll and InBetweenEars. One strand of our Molecular Psychiatry group is research into legal highs and this research has had an impact on UK government drug policy. Our Dementia and Neurodegeneration group has recently published in Nature Neuroscience and is funded by the MRC

Dr. Jane Alder is particularly interested in establishing an in vitro model for studying glioblastoma progression and response to treatment.