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MedTech Solutions

MedTech Solutions undertakes collaborative research with partners across Lancashire and beyond.

We support the design and development of medical devices and related interventions, provide insights into the efficacy and effectiveness of such solutions, and accelerates the pace at which these reach healthcare providers to bring benefits to patients and service users.

MedTech Solutions formed in June 2020 bringing together a collective of scientists, engineers and technicians from across the University to help solve problems faced by the NHS and the wider healthcare sector.

Our group includes experts in mechatronics and intelligent machines, additive manufacturing, design and development of medical devices, computer vision and machine learning, psychology, health sciences, and microbial interactions with hosts and surfaces. Our team has extensive experience and a successful track record of grant capture, assisting small and large companies, and working alongside the NHS and other healthcare partners.

Our membership currently includes experts from the fields of Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Psychology, Enterprise and Innovation. Our primary focus is on product development, testing and evaluation to address important and emerging challenges across the healthcare sector. This work spans the innovation pathway, from the development of medical technology, through to its evaluation, approval and implementation.

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News updates

England footballer backs device created following UCLan and Manchester Metropolitan research

England footballer Harry Maguire has thrown his support behind a new rehabilitative device – created following research by UCLan and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Harry Maguire is the latest professional footballer to support the device, after Wayne Rooney.

The ProMOTION EV1 is a battery-powered and fully digital portable device that has been manufactured by Swellaway Limited to reduce swelling due to injuries by providing cooling, heating and compression. It provides athletes with the ability to receive treatment at home or while on the move, set precise programmable treatments and capture data through a smartphone app.

UCLan researchers Jill Alexander and Professor Jim Richards have been heavily involved in the research and development phases of the device, alongside Professor James Selfe from Manchester Metropolitan University, as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership sponsored by Swellaway. They conducted rigorous testing on the product and developed treatment protocols using the device to deliver the best treatment response and recovery.

Maguire started using the device earlier this year, after sustaining an ankle injury.

Professor Jim Richards said: “The three way Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Swellaway Limited, UCLan and Manchester Metropolitan University has allowed us to increase the evidence base for the management of injuries such as Harry’s ankle injury. Using the ProMOTION EV1 we were able to deliver a much more precise and targeted treatment to help his recovery”.

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Lancashire Business View - Mask manufacturer hits 5m milestone


Engineering Innovation Centre

Med-Tech Solutions are embedded in the Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) located on our Preston campus which brings together world-leading research, leading business minds and inspiring teaching in a spirit of collaboration and discovery.

Within the EIC our MedTech Solutions group offers a wide-ranging portfolio of industry engagement opportunities. When you work with us, you have access to specialist staff, state-of-the-art engineering facilities, industry leading technologies and the expertise of our researchers inside a first-class facility.

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Associated groups

Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Medical Image Computing (CVML)

The ongoing emphasis is on developing new vision and machine learning algorithms and their transfer to real-world applications. The particular areas of interest include: Bayesian methodology for data modelling, pattern recognition and tracking; statistical shape analysis; deformation modelling for model-based recognition, segmentation and registration; medical imaging; intelligent energy management; data mining; and applications of deep learning.

Allied Health Research unit (AHRu)

The Allied Health Research unit’s work includes research across the health care professions to help answer important and clinically relevant questions, with research spanning the innovation pathway from intervention development and evaluation through to implementation.

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