Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit (MAINN)

The MAINN Unit is an interdisciplinary group that focuses upon complex political, cultural, psychosocial and economic influences upon maternal and infant nutrition and nurture.

We adopt a bio-psychosocial perspective that recognises the interactions between biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors in relation to maternal and child nutrition.

We are also interested in the nature of the relationship that is engendered between mother and infant as a consequence of various kinds of nutritive and nurturing behaviours with a particular emphasis upon breastfeeding.

Strategic objectives:

  • To conduct distinctive, interdisciplinary, internationally recognised research and scholarship in maternal and infant nutrition and nurture.
  • To engage with local, national and international strategic initiatives.
  • To embrace public health, social exclusion and diversity agendas with regard to the field of maternal and infant nutrition and nurture.
  • To maintain and build upon strong and stable external partnerships and collaborations to include the DH, NHS, NICE, UNICEF and WHO.