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Literature and Cultures

Our Literature and Cultures staff are internationally respected scholars with particular expertise in American literature and culture, British literature and non-British European writings.


Our experts in British literature have focused on modern and contemporary poetry and contemporary fiction, while our scholarship in Creative Writing is backed by our staff’s publication of novels and poetry collections and stagings of their plays.

Thus, our Americanists have been working on such areas as the Black Atlantic culture, memorialisation and African American slavery, African American visual arts, comedy and humour, the Civil War in US culture, the culture of the 1970s, radical American protest music and American theatre and performance (including its British connections).

Our experts in British literature have focused on modern and contemporary poetry, contemporary fiction, and Shakespeare and performance, while our scholarship in non-British European writings includes work on Albert Camus, Frederico García Lorca and narratives of the Holocaust.

Our staff have been awarded several British, American and European Research Fellowships by such bodies as the AHRC, the British Academy, the Broadcast Music Industry Foundation and the European Union. We are often called upon for peer review by funding organisations, major academic publishers and leading academic journals on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Dr Robert Duggan: contemporary British fiction and the grotesque
  • Dr Anna Richardson Hunter: Contemporary Holocaust narratives
  • Professor Will Kaufman: Woody Guthrie and US protest music; the American 1970s; the Civil War in American culture; US comedy and humour; transatlantic studies
  • Dr Yvonne Reddick: Ted Hughes and his influences; environmental literature; poetry and creative writing
  • Professor Alan Rice: slavery memorialisation; the Black Atlantic; African American visual arts
  • Dr Theresa Saxon: American theatre history; transatlantic performance
  • Dr Naomi Kruger: Creative writing and the novel
  • Dr Philip Braithwaite: Creative writing, specialising in scriptwriting (stage and screen)
  • Dr Raphael Hoermann: the Black Atlantic and the Haitian Revolution

We are demonstrably committed to extending the reach and significance of our research beyond the bounds of academia, as witnessed in:

  • Stuart Hampton-Reeves’s directorial and advocacy activities on behalf of the British Shakespeare Association;
  • Will Kaufman’s internationally acclaimed performance pieces and “live documentaries” on Woody Guthrie;
  • Alan Rice’s advisory roles, curatorship and exhibition work on slavery and the Black Atlantic with such eminent organisations as the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool and the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester;
  • Theresa Saxon’s public lectures on nineteenth-century American theatrical performance.

Robert Duggan is the author of (Manchester University Press, 2013) as well as numerous articles on contemporary British novelists.The Grotesque in Contemporary British Fiction

Yvonne Reddick has published book chapters and journal articles on Ted Hughes, Frederico García Lorca and Henry Williamson.

Anna Richardson Hunter has published essays on Holocaust narratives in such journals asModernism and Modernity, Synthesis and the European Journal of English Studies.

Will Kaufman’s books include (Wayne State University Press, 1997), (Edinburgh University Press, 2006), American Culture in the 1970s (Edinburgh University Press, 2009), (University of Illinois Press, 2011), (2017) and (2019).The Comedian as Confidence Man: Studies in Irony FatigueThe Civil War in American CultureWoody Guthrie, American RadicalWoody Guthrie’s Modern World BluesMapping Woody Guthrie

Alan Rice has written among many books, books chapters and journal articles, (Continuum, 2003) and (Liverpool University Press, 2010); he co-edited, with Martin Crawford, . (University of Georgia Press, 1999) and co-curated an exhibition on “Trade and Empire” for the Whitworth Gallery.Radical Narratives of the Black AtlanticCreating Memorials, Building Identities: The Politics of Memory in the Black AtlanticLiberating Sojourn: Frederick Douglas and Transatlantic Reform

Theresa Saxon has published (Edinburgh University Press, 2011) as well as articles on nineteenth-century American theatre, pantomime and burlesque.American Theatre: History, Content, Form

Naomi Kruger has published the novel, (2018).May

Raphael Hoermann publishes scholarly articles on the Haitian Revolution and its representation in transatlantic culture.

Philip Braithwaites playscripts have won awards from the BBC World Service and the British Council, among other prestigious award bodies.

In 2019 we were proud to welcome Dr Astrid Haas and Dr Nicole Willson as Research Fellows. Dr Haas specializes in travel writing and autobiography of the Americas, African Diaspora and Latinx Studies, Gender, and Science Studies, and is with us under the auspices of a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship. Dr Willson is currently a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow specialising in the intersection of Black Studies, Haitian Studies and American and Caribbean Cultural Studies.

  • Senior Lecturer in English Dr Robert Duggan
  • FRSA, FHEA, Professor of American Literature and Culture Dr Will Kaufman
  • Senior Research Fellow in English Dr Yvonne Reddick
  • National Teaching Fellow and Professor of English and American Studies Dr Alan Rice
  • FHEA, Senior Lecturer in English Literature Dr Theresa Saxon
  • Dr Naomi Kruger
  • Dr Raphael Hoermann
  • Dr Robin Purves
  • Dr Philip Braithwaite