Journalism Research Group

The Journalism research group aims to investigate the key challenges facing journalism in the twenty-first century

These include: the inadequacies in the business models for both traditional and new forms of journalism; the question of how to preserve and promote the highest standards of quality news journalism at a time when they are coming increasingly under threat; problematic changes to journalism working conditions and practices; and the problem of how to engage and retain the attention of the audience for news in an age that presents it with an increasing number of alternatives and distractions.

The group also has a core focus on the relationship between journalism and various forms of democracy. It is particularly known for two books that it has published in this field (The Future of Journalism in the Advanced Democracies (Ashgate, 2007) and The Future of Quality News Journalism: a cross continental analysis (Routledge, 2013). These two volumes investigate the future of journalism across the globe.

The group's depth and breadth of journalistic experience is renowned within the industry and is reflected in an expanding range of prestigious research publications. Work in this area is led by the School’s Research Director, Peter Anderson.


The School of Journalism, Media and Performance (JMP) is a large school with a wide range of research groupings and projects in the areas of film and media, fine art, music, dance and performance, and culture, media and communications.

Research within the School embraces both theory and creative practice and the profile of researchers and research students comprises an exciting mixture of creative practitioners and theorists whose interactions and collaborations create a stimulating environment within which to create and disseminate internationally significant and world leading research, with tangible real-world impact.

Many JMP researchers have well established links to industry forged in collaborative projects with on-line and print media organisations, film and music industry bodies, community arts and the professional stage. Many researchers within the School are active practitioners maintaining parallel professional careers within the creative industries.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is characteristic of research within the School and interdisciplinarity is also embedded in the work of individual researchers.


The impact of our research is felt at local, regional, national and international levels. Creative projects have been developed to benefit the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Our researchers have well developed links with UK industrial and institutional organisation in the fields of music, media and journalism. Many of the research groupings within the School have an international scope, including:

  • The groundbreaking ethnomediaology project StoryLab led by Professor Erik Knudsen
  • The award-winning ethnomusicology project the Global Sound Movement
  • The international media research centre, the Media Innovation Studio
  • The Future of Popular Music, a series of conferences and publications organised by MusicResearch@uclan under the leadership of Professor Ewa Mazierska.

To find out more about research in Journalism, Media and Culture at UCLan, contact Dr. Les Gillon, Tel: +44 (0)1772 8908 / Email: