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Healthy Prisons - National Development

In 2005, Paul Hayton joined the University of Central Lancashire's Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit under the terms of a service level agreement with the Department of Health, as National Director of Healthy Prisons, with a remit to provide consultancy and facilitate project development within the Department of Health regarding policies and practices intended to help meet the health development needs of prisoners and offenders.

Lead Investigator

Dr Mark Dooris

Project Staff

Paul Hayton

Funding Body

Department of Health, £ 589,657



Public Outputs

Baybutt, M., Hayton, P. and Dooris, M. (2006) Prisons in England and Wales: an important public health opportunity?

Chapter in J. Douglas, S. Earle, S., S. Handsley, C. Lloyd & S. Spurr (Eds.) A Reader in Promoting Public Health: Challenge and Controversy. London: Sage/Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

Hayton, P. And Boyington, J. (2006) Prisons and health reforms in England and Wales. American Journal of Public Health, 96:1730–1733.