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UK Firefighters Cancer and Disease Registry

The main purpose of the UK Firefighters Cancer and Disease Registry (FCDR) is to develop a better understanding of the increased occurrence of cancers and diseases among firefighters and to identify the association between firefighter’s occupation and exposure to fire effluents and residues.

It is widely known that exposure to fire effluents, whether through inhalation, ingestion or dermal absorption, is a likely contributing factor for increased number of firefighters’ occupational diseases and cancers.

Research study objectives are:

  • To obtain detailed knowledge of firefighter practise on an individual basis in relation to potential exposure.
  • To identify the frequency and severity of the most common diseases and cancers suffered by firefighters.
  • To correlate the incidence of disease with specific work practices.
  • To provide robust evidence of any occupational diseases in firefighters in the UK.
  • To offer preventative health screening, education and support that is specifically designed to protect firefighter’s health.

Every firefighter, both serving and retired, needs to be part of FCDR.

We need to hear from firefighters, the majority who have never received a cancer diagnosis, any who have been previously diagnosed with cancer and any who currently have cancer or other disease.

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Minimising firefighters exposure to toxic fire effluents 1

Minimising Firefighters' Exposure to Toxic Fire Effluents

Only this year, we have already surveyed over 10,000 firefighters to give invaluable insight into decontamination practices and visited over 18 Fire Stations and Training Centres across the country for toxic contaminants testing in their workplace. The findings of that research have been compiled into a best practice report with a number of recommendations to help protect firefighters’ health.

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