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Experimental Nanophysics

We investigate fundamental physics on the nanoscale – which is to say, on the scale of single atoms and molecules. Using advanced microscopy and other techniques which can generate direct images of atoms and molecules and tell us which elements they are made of, we can find out details which help us develop the technologies of the future.

Scanning tunnelling microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, Auger electron spectroscopy, low energy electron diffraction (including spot-profile analysis), ultra high vacuum, energy, graphene, molecules, fullerenes, excitonic solar cells, molecular electronics.

  • Investigations of graphene, a new supermaterial that promises applications in highly-efficient solar power generation, display technologies and transparent, flexible electronics.
  • Investigations of quasicrystals, exotic materials that defy conventional rules of matter.
  • Investigations of the interactions of molecules with surfaces of interest, in particular with a view to molecular electronics.

The following are selected publications and outputs for the Experimental Nanophysics group. You can view more at our institutional repository

Smerdon, J.A., Rankin, R.B., Greeley, J.P., Guisinger, N.P. and Guest, J.R. (2013) Chiral "pinwheel" heterojunctions self-assembled from C 60 and pentacene. ACS Nano, 7 (4). pp. 3086-3094.

Cho, Jongweon, Smerdon, Joseph, Gao, Li, Süzer, Özgün, Guest, Jeffrey R. and Guisinger, Nathan P. (2012) . Nano Letters, 12 (6). pp. 3018-3024.Structural and Electronic Decoupling of C60from Epitaxial Graphene on SiC

The formation and characterisation of aperiodic ultra-thin films on the surfaces of quasicrystals

Distinguished Speaker Visits UCLan

Saw Wai Hla, a professor at Ohio University and Leader of the Electronic and Magnetic Materials and Devices group at the Center for Nanoscale Materials in Argonne National Laboratory, is coming to UCLan on the 26th of June to give a seminar entitled: Frontiers of STM Manipulations: Imaging Atomic Spin to Operating Nanomachines at 3-4pm in the Foster Cinema.

  • Molecules on quasicrystals
  • Molecules on graphene
  • Molecules on insulating films
  • Molecular manipulation