Civic Drone Centre

The Civic Drone Centre works with companies, individuals and organisations that are using or planning to use, remotely operated vehicles across a wide range of scenarios. These span search and rescue activity, journalism and media and humanitarian aid.

It seeks to provide technology and know-how to these organisations, and collaborate with a range of partners – locally, nationally and internationally – to explore and develop new technologies and knowledge in this sector.

Operating as a joint project between the UCLan’s Media Innovation Studio, based in the School of Journalism, Media and Performance, and the Engineering Innovation Centre – located in the School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences – our work focuses resources on the three thematic areas, each with a unique set of technical, legal and ethical challenges.

By focussing on Humanitarian Aid, Journalism and Media, Search and Rescue, we’re committed to supporting a wide variety of civilian uses for UAVs, submersibles and remotely piloted land vehicles.