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Centre for History and Public Engagement with the Past

The Centre for History and Public Engagement with the Past brings together UCLan’s strong core of research historians with scholars in related disciplines who are researching aspects of the past.


The Labour and People’s History group includes such projects as the temperance movement, the Peterloo massacre, the Lancashire cotton industry, modern British politics, modern Ireland, newspaper history, and the co-operative movement.

In Modern International History our principal areas include far eastern history, modern Germany, twentieth-century international relations, British colonial history in Africa, and the history of mountaineering.

Many projects embrace the politics and practice of heritage, for example in the First World War, twentieth-century Ireland, and post-war Berlin. We also have strong regional interests, demonstrated through our partnership with the Harris Institute and many local and community organisations. Researchers in associated disciplines have strong interests in twentieth-century British cultural history, among other fields.

Enquiries from prospective research students are welcome in any of these areas.

Peterloo cartoon. Credit: Polyp
Peterloo cartoon. Credit: Polyp

Peterloo 1819-2019

The Great Gift

Temperance Heritage

Newspaper history


Dr Jonathan Colman, Senior Lecturer in International History (Humanities)

Dr Philip Constable, Senior Lecturer in History (Humanities)

Dr Clare Copley, Lecturer in Modern European History (Humanities)

Dr Billy Frank, Senior Lecturer in History (Humanities),

Dr Andrew Hobbs, Senior Lecturer in Journalism (Arts & Media),

Dr Annemarie McAllister, Senior Research Fellow in History (Humanities),

Prof. Nick Mansfield, Senior Research Fellow in History (Humanities)

Dr Stephen Meredith, Senior Lecturer in History (Humanities),

Dr Bill Mihalopoulos, Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies (Humanities),

Dr Máirtín Ó Catháin, Senior Lecturer in History (Humanities),

David Orr, Senior Lecturer in Criminology (School of Law)

Prof. Robert Poole (Humanities)

Dr Jack Southern, Lecturer in History (Humanities)

Dr David Stewart, Senior Lecturer in History (Humanities)

Dr Keith Vernon, Principal Lecturer in History (Humanities)

Dr Jonathan Westaway, Senior Research Fellow in History (Humanities)

Prof. Geoff Timmins, Emeritus professor 

Prof Niki Alsford, Professor in Asia Pacific Studies

John van Aitken, Senior Lecturer (JMP)

Dr Amy Binns, Senior Lecturer in Journalism (Journalism, Media and Performance)

Dr Gary Bratchford, Senior Lecturer in Photography (JMP),

Georgina Gregory, Senior Lecturer in Film & Media Studies (JMP),

Dr Mary Ikoniadou, Lecturer in Photography

Dr Sunny Xin Liu, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies (Humanities)

Dr Cameron McEwan (Institute of Architecture)

Dr Kim McGuire, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminology (Law and Social Science).

Dr Heather Mullender-Ross, Lecturer in Fine Art (ADF)

Dr John Scanlan, Research Fellow (School of Art, Design & Fashion).

Dr Olga Tabachnikova, Lecturer in Russian Studies (Humanities)

Dr Graeme Tobyn, Senior Lecturer (School of Community Health and Midwifery).