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The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation

The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation, established in 2007, is a research, teaching and networking hub concerned with children and young people’s participation, inclusion and empowerment. We implement a planned programme of research and social action and promote seminars, workshops, conferences and publications.

We focus on bringing about the changes that children and young people seek by building links between children and young people, academics, policymakers and practitioners.

Children and young people are involved in every part of the process – managing the Centre, planning the research programme, and carrying out action research.

The Centre hosts a young researcher group called UCan. This group is open to children and young people across the North West who are interested in carrying out research as a way of bringing about positive change for themselves, their communities, or globally.

Young people bring ideas for research to the group. Adults and young people then work together to bring about change, seek funding and share new knowledge.

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