Moving On / Progressing

Moving On

Many of the UCLan courses run in our partner institutions provide opportunities either to complete your programme of study, or to study for a higher qualification with UCLan.

MOVING ON: Students who have completed a target award at a UK Partner and are commencing another higher level award at a UCLan campus or Partner need to complete the Moving On process.

Whilst Moving On forms can be submitted until the end of the academic year, we advise that you submit your application form as soon as you can.

PROGRESSION: All students progressing/continuing from one year in an existing course onto the remainder of a course either at a UCLan campus or a Partner, need to complete a process to confirm their module choices called Module Registration Options.

Module Registration Options forms are available from your partner institution and from the University CAS Hubs in Academic Registry. Please note that this process is compulsory for all continuing students.


The benefits of Moving On to UCLan

Confidence: Students tell us they are more confident when they begin their studies at UCLan’s Preston Campus, because studying in a partner has prepared them for University life.

Familiarity: Whether you continue your course in a partner or at UCLan, your awarding body and assessment marking regulations are the same.

Experience: If you choose to Move On to UCLan’s Preston Campus, you will be able to gain the full university experience, and will have the great facilities available at your fingertips!

Around 400 students choose to progress/move on to UCLan courses each year and you could become one of these. To look at possible options for further study see the Moving On Guide and search for your current course.

How to apply


Moving On applies to students who want to move on to a higher qualification than what they have already studied (e.g. if a student has completed a Foundation Degree and wants to move on to study for a related Undergraduate Degree, whether at their College or at UCLan, they would have to fill in the Moving on form).

  • Moving on form - For students applying for a new higher level award. Please submit your application as soon as possible before the end of the academic year.
  • Module Registration Options Form - available from your institution, or from the University CAS Hubs. Please note the 2019 deadline for submission of these forms is  15th March 2019.
  • Postgraduate degree

Use the Moving on Guide for further clarification on which form you need to complete.

Details of where to submit your application are contained on each form.

NB – A small number of courses require a UCAS application. Please visit the UCAS website to make this type of application.