Moving On

Moving On

Many of the UCLan courses run in our partner institutions provide opportunities either to complete your programme of study, or to study for a higher qualification with UCLan.

What are the benefits of Moving On?  ​

Familiarity: Whether you continue your course in a partner or at UCLan, your awarding body and assessment marking regulations are the same.  You will also likely be familiar with the teaching staff supporting your top up course.​

Confidence: Students tell us they are more confident when they begin their studies at UCLan’s Preston/Burnley Campus, because studying in a partner has prepared them for University life.​

Experience: If you choose to Move On to UCLan’s Preston Campus, you will be able to gain the full university experience, and will have the great facilities available at your fingertips!​

Around 400 students choose to move on to UCLan courses each year and you could become one of these. To look at possible options for further study see the Moving On Guide (link to the guide) and search for your current course.​

What do our students say about Moving On to a UCLan Campus?​

Checkout this video from UCLan Partner Student graduates.

How to apply

Moving On Application Process*

*N.B. The process does not apply to UK Partner Students who have received an automatic offer from UCLan.

Step 1​
View the top up courses available by checking out the Moving On Guide.  Here you can search for your current course and view the top up option/s linked to your Foundation Degree, HND/HNC, or Dip HE.  If there is a route which isn’t listed, or you have any questions, please email​

Step 2​
Download the Moving On Form.

Step 3​
Complete the form electronically.  Make up to 3 choices, in order of preference.​

Step 4
Submit by email to the UCLan Admissions Team  Please submit your application as soon as possible before the end of the academic year.  N.B. if you are Moving On in your partner, an internal form maybe used.​

Step 5​
The University will not acknowledge receipt of your Moving On application form, but you may chase the progress of it. Letter/email will be sent to inform you of the University’s decision and to update you on the terms and conditions. Please note that an offer will only be made on 1 of your three choices. ​

Step 6​
You will need to accept your offer of a place with the University.​

Step 7​
UCLan will write to you once we have confirmed your final results, providing you have accepted your place on the course. ​

Step 8​
Enrol with UCLan at the start of the academic year​

NB – A small number of courses require a UCAS application. Please visit the UCAS website to make this type of application.​