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Tuesday 10 August 2021

Are you a UK student interested in studying Medicine this September?

You may have seen in the media that extra places are available for medicine this year, however, this only applies to those who have met their firm or insurance entry requirements at any UK university.

If you have met your offer conditions you can transfer to study at the University of Central Lancashire.

We can only accept students who already have an offer with any oversubscribed university.

You could be eligible for a £10,000 incentive if you choose to transfer to us.

Call our Admissions Team 01772 892444

The programme is recognised by the General Medical Council (GMC) on its list of bodies able to award UK primary medical qualifications.
Year 1
You will enjoy patient interaction from Year 1 in diverse urban and rural NHS clinical placements.
Our School of Medicine was ranked as the Top Medical School in North West England (The Guardian University Guide 2021)
£10,000 incentive if you choose to transfer to us from any oversubscribed university.

Step by step guide

Step 1: Speak to your current University

Step 2: Call us on 01772 892444

Step 3: Get ready to update UCAS Track. Firstly, you need to decline your offer at your current university – don’t worry this university will hold your place if the matching process is not successful.

Step 4: Add a Clearing choice in UCAS Track to refer yourself to us. Use institution code: C30 and course code: A100.

Step 5: We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Places for this scheme will only be available until the 17 August at 8.30 am. After this point, no further incentivised transfers can take place under the programme. 

We know that you have probably spent time planning to go to your original choice. The payment recognises the costs to you in changing these plans, and we hope make your transition to an alternative provider as smooth as possible.  

No. Overseas students are not eligible. The scheme is only open to UK students and to universities in England. Students domiciled in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland who have firm offers at over-subscribed English medical schools are able to use the scheme.  

No, the scheme is only open to students that have met the conditions of their offer and hold a firm or insurance offer at an over-subscribed medical school and cannot yet be accommodated. Receiving universities will check that they only accept eligible students. 

No. The scheme is only available to students with offers from universities which do not have the capacity to accommodate all offer holders in 2021-22. Receiving universities will check that they only accept eligible students. 

No. Not all universities are able to accept students on transfer. Places for transfer are only available at institutions which have the capacity to expand and have been permitted by the Regulator to accept a certain number of students above the usual limits. 

Please be aware that capacity is limited and not all applications will be successful. 

No. Unfortunately this is a limited scheme and not all students who wish to transfer and receive the incentive may be able to do so within the limits of the scheme. Priority order will be determined by those the receiving provider approves first. This does not necessarily mean those students first to register but we do recommend that students act quickly, after getting suitable advice. 

No unfortunately the scheme is only open until 17th August. Students with Appeals underway should speak to the institution that they were holding a place with for further information. 

At the beginning of term, after you have registered at the new medical school.  

An updated list will be sent mid-way through the transfer process to keep you updated as to availability. 

Students are not obliged to transfer to another university, this is an optional scheme. Please contact your original institution to confirm your place.