UCLan makes green pledge

12 February 2014

Lyndsey Boardman

Annual event raises environmental awareness

Students and staff at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) have pledged to adopt greener lifestyles by making small changes to collectively make a big impact as part of the University’s annual Green Week campaign from 10 -14 February.

Now in its fourth year the successful event invites visitors to write and hang their pledge for change on the campus’ Change Tree alongside a variety of other fun and visual activities all designed to raise awareness of environmental issues with the 38,000 students and staff.

Sarah Buckland, UCLan’s Environment and Sustainability Manager, said: “We’re asking people to make small lifestyle changes such as using energy saving light bulbs, washing clothes at 30 degrees and turning off lights when they’re not in a room which can make a big difference to the environment if duplicated on a large scale.

“We’re delighted with the amount of students and staff who’ve engaged with green issues so far throughout the week.”

“We’re delighted with the amount of students and staff who’ve engaged with green issues so far throughout the week.”

Other activities include an electric vehicle showcase, a shoe and bag amnesty for the British Heart Foundation, a free drop in workshop with the RSPB for people to make their own bird feeders and a paper cup waste campaign to reduce the use of disposable cups on campus.

This year four student projects were also funded by the Green Week team including a competition to find the most efficient driver at UCLan using the student designed Eco-Car and a food waste reduction campaign.

Rebecca Diver, a 23-year-old second year Nutrition and Exercise Sciences student, has teamed up with eight others to raise awareness of food waste.

She said: “On average people throw away a third of what they buy. We want to show students that by making the most of their leftovers they can eat healthily using simple recipes and save money, which of course all students want to do.”

UCLan is the ninth greenest University in the UK according to the People and Planet’s Green League of Universities 2013. It was recently recertified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard for its effective measurement of environmental impact.