Satisfied students give thumbs up to UCLan

15 August 2014

Lyndsey Boardman

UCLan maintains a high level of student satisfaction National Student Survey reveals

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has maintained a high level of student satisfaction for the second year in a row with nearly eight-and-a-half out of ten students saying they are happy with the quality of their overall educational experience.

The results of the latest National Student Survey have been released today, 12 August, and show that UCLan has retained an overall satisfaction rating of 84%.

A range of academic areas have seen an increase in satisfaction over the last year with learning resources now at 90% and up 2% from 2013, academic support is also up 2% to 82% and personal development has risen to 85% from 84% last year. The University is also ranked 26 out of 159 for its assessment and feedback.

UCLan has also seen three subject areas ranked in the top ten for overall satisfaction; general engineering is second in the country out of 17, marketing is fifth out of 61 and imaginative writing is eighth out of 35. A wide range of other subject areas including business studies, forensic and archaeological science and sports science achieved high levels of satisfaction with 11 ranking in the top 20 nationally.

“These results are very important to us and although we have made some notable improvements this year we are certainly not complacent.”

Lynne Livesey, UCLan’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, said: “UCLan has a long-standing reputation for providing students with an excellent university experience and the improvements we have made in key academic areas have helped us to maintain our position in the National Student Survey.

“We have again received a particularly high score for the quality of our learning resources, which reflects the investments we have made in recent years to improve the overall student experience. It is also extremely pleasing to be ranked so highly for the quality of feedback and assessment we provide to our students, this is particularly important as it demonstrates our ability to support students’ learning and future success. We are delighted to see an increase of 2% in the number of students who are satisfied with the level of academic support they receive.

“These results are very important to us and although we have made some notable improvements this year we are certainly not complacent. We have a track record of listening to what students think and then acting upon their feedback and will continue to do so.”