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Award-winning artist Jac Scott opens exhibition at UCLan

10 April 2013

Lyndsey Boardman

Jac Scott’s UCLan residency work goes on display

Award-winning artist Jac Scott has opened an exhibition at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) which charts the hidden impacts society makes on the environment.

The Beautiful Dystopias exhibition is the result of a sixteen month research residency in The Grenfell-Baines School of Architecture, Construction and Environment at UCLan where Jac worked with scientists and social geographers to map the hidden impacts on the environment made by the way we live today.

“Beautiful Dystopias evolved from a ten-year study of our consumption habits. I wanted to build on this work to investigate the less visible imprints we make on the Earth – to explore those actions that are not in the public domain."

Jac, a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, commented: “UCLan was key in supporting my research and providing a wealth of information and inspiration by letting me sit-in on relevant lectures, join groups on field study trips and have access to experts in the field.”

For three weeks the University’s PR1 Gallery will show selected works of sculpture and photomontages that reveal a disturbing portrait of the world.  Through her work Jac aims to show the dark underbelly of society and stimulate debate about environmental issues.

Jac’s sculptures are primarily made from found and discarded objects that she has imbued with meaning and metaphor, which satisfies her environmental conscience to not create “more stuff in an already over-stuffed world”.

The photomontages were created directly from School of Forensic and Applied Sciences’ scanning electron microscope where Jac worked with technician Jim Donnelly to take magnified photographs of organisms and objects such as a fly’s eye, lichen, moss, carpet, feathers and lead.

The official opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 10 April coincided with a seminar held at UCLan that invited scientists and artists to speak about their research areas to stimulate debate.

The Beautiful Dystopias exhibition will run at UCLan’s PR1 Gallery, Victoria building until the 26 April. The display is open to the general public weekdays from 9.00am – 5.00pm. For more information visit Jac Scott’s blog -