Crime and security policy to be discussed at free talk

01 October 2014

Rachel Atkinson

Dr Tim Owen will deliver free talk entitled ‘A Manifesto for Genetic-Social Realism’

A specialist talk is taking place at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) as part of a Crime and Security Policy Seminar Series.

UCLan’s Dr Tim Owen, from the School of Education and Social Science, is giving the first talk of the Autumn/Winter 2014 series entitled ‘A Manifesto for Genetic-Social Realism’.

Dr Owen will talk about the biological factors which may 'switch on' genetic impulses to generate behaviour that can be labelled 'criminal' when they interact with other social and psychological factors.

"The free event is taking place on UCLan’s Preston Campus on Wednesday 8 October at 3.30pm."

He will explore the ways in which human beings are reflexive agents with the agency to choose not to engage in criminal activities where they believe that the rewards are outweighed by negative outcomes or actions which offend moral prohibitions.

The free event is taking place on UCLan’s Preston Campus on Wednesday 8 October at 3.30pm.

On 5 November Dr Ben Lee, from the University of Leicester, will give the second lecture in this series, entitled ‘E-Engagement Against Violence: Populist narratives, young people and the world wide web’. Professor Matthew Feldman, from Teesside University, will give the final instalment on 3 December with ‘Mapping Right-Wing Involvement in Anti-Muslim Hate Crime using the Tell MAMA dataset’.

To register for the talk visit and for more information contact Dr Mark Littler by email at