Cosmopolitan entertainment editor returns to UCLan

25 September 2013

Victoria Hepworth, care of Pluto

Graduate Jacqui Meddings shares experience with students

Third year magazine students were lucky enough to get a journalism master class from no other than the Entertainment Editor for Cosmopolitan.

Jacqui Meddings, a journalism graduate from UCLan, returned to where her career started to listen to feature pitches from magazine students and give advice on how to improve them, before taking a guest lecture in which she explained life as an Entertainment Editor in its full glory.

She revealed not only some of her biggest stories but also the fact that it’s not uncommon for her to be sending emails at half one in the morning and rushing straight from the gym (pre-shower) to be interviewed for Good Morning America.

She certainly painted a crystal clear picture of journalism, warts and all.

“Working for Cosmo is an amazing honour as there’s a huge responsibility that comes with it.”

Jacqui started her career in women’s weekly magazines and earned herself titles such as Features Editor and Staff writer.

Since graduating in 2006, she has worked for a number of well-respected publications including Sugar, before landing her dream job at Cosmo.

She said: “Working for Cosmo is an amazing honour as there’s a huge responsibility that comes with it.”

Jacqui stressed the importance of being punctual and professional to maintain a good reputation in the field, as well as the need to gain work experience.

Jacqui said: “Student media like Pluto [student newspaper] is so important as that’s where you’re going to get your experience. It’s not only important for the journalists that are doing it because they’re going to build up their portfolios, but it’s also important for the student community because we all want to be nosey and be informed about what’s going on.”