Academics join partners for specialist symposium

Rachel Atkinson

Researchers discussed nanotechnology in health and the environment

Pic: UCLan academics and partner researchers pictured at the second symposium on nanotechnology in health and the environment.

Key researchers from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) have joined their Chinese partners and taken part in an international symposium on nanotechnology.

The event, held recently on the Shenzhen Virtual University Park, covered three specialist themes relating to nanotechnology in health and the environment in 2013.

They were:
• Nano-medicine delivery and computation.
• Fire toxicity: nano composites for flame retardants.
• Water treatment: nanocomposites for the treatment of industrial and municipal sewage water.

The conference brought together key researchers of UCLan and Chinese partner joint collaborative projects.

It was opened by Madam Qiu, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and attended by Madam Wang Ning, Director of the Shenzhen Virtual University Park, and UCLan Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr Graham Baldwin, who gave a keynote speech.

Representatives from the British Consulate-General Guangzhou, Chief Representative of CBBC Guangzhou Tom Simpson, representatives from CBBC Shenzhen, and researchers involved in UCLan’s joint projects from Sichuan University, USTC and Fudan University were all in attendance.

It is the second time a symposium on nanotechnology has taken place in Shenzhen.