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Project 2013 showcases artistic interpretations from across the globe

23 April 2013

Rachel Atkinson

Communication is key

Communication has played a vital role in attracting 3,000 submissions for a University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) art project.

Artists from more than 35 countries created drawings, photographs and publications for Project 2013, a display featuring artists’ interpretations of what communication and dissemination means to them.

Word spread to places such as Peru, Australia, America, China and Japan thanks to communications on social media.

Organiser and curator Craig Atkinson, Lecturer in Drawing & Image Making, Fine Art and Illustration, said: “The appeal for work went viral and the response from artists was great."

"The quality of the submitted work has been outstanding and I’m very proud of what’s on show.”

Specific requirements for the images were put in place. The submissions were analysed as only 250 pieces and 75 publications were chosen to feature in the Hanover building exhibition space. Three essays have been commissioned and they will feature in one of four books produced about the project and published by Café Royal Books.

He said: “Curating the exhibition has been approached in a way not dissimilar to publishing a book. Rather than each piece of work being seen individually, the whole exhibition will be read. Narratives will unfold as the viewer walks along the 250 pieces of work hung in a grid, on the wall."

“Professional internationally established artists are hung next to early career or student artists.”

Last year Craig curated the International Drawing Project, which attracted more than 5,000 entries.

The work is on display between 10am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday until 8 May in the Hanover Project.

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